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  • Tablet First: Designing holistic ubiquitous experiences

    Mobility today means more than handsets in pockets. We are entering a world of ubiquitous network access to always-on cross-channel digital services, bringing multiple new dimensions of complexity to the job of user experience strategy and product design.

  • Broken Experiences panel at the IA Summit 2012

  • ‘Playful Design’ at UX Lisbon

    Here are my slides from UX Lx. In the coming weeks, the video broadcast will be made available (for a small fee) at the UX Lisbon site, and sometime next year they will be shared freely in the ramp up to UX LX 2012. Playful design-uxlx-2011 View more presentations from Christian Crumlish

  • My keynote from the Italian IA Summit

    UPDATED: Fixed the typo(s) on slide 84 and re-uploaded. I just noticed a typo, so will update, but wanted to share this quickly. not sure how much sense it will make without the audio (or for that matter this morning’s live-streamed video): We are all Leonardo now View more presentations from Christian Crumlish

  • Start using UX as a weapon (at the Web 2.0 Expo in SF)

    Erin and I delivered our first-ever Web 2 Expo keynote (I called us “The Sonny and Cher of UX”) in San Francisco toward the end of last month: Here are the slides we showed to accompany our banter: Start Using UX as a Strategic Weapon View more presentations from erin malone

  • Designing for Play (updated for Web Directions @media)

    I gave the latest version of my Designing for Play talk at the @media conference (now run by the amazing John Allsopp / Maxine Sherrin team famed for their other fantastic Web Directions events) in London two weeks ago and was very pleased with the comments and feedback I got. The sage Scott Berkun even…