Memory Lane (demo)

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Once I feel a song is written I try to record a demo without getting too hung up on the instrumentation or even the full arrangement, to help communicate to other musicians primarily how the song goes.

This one has a lyric shared with me as part of a large set of song lyrics around 2010, or possibly earlier, by my old old friend, brother, and aspirational writing partner Peter K. Hirsch.

I could hear in my head how it should go but at the time did not have the chops to harmonize it, let alone figure out a way to play the bridge.

Now, I’m hoping to include it on my forthcoming album:

“Feeling the joy and the pain…”

Music will continue until morale improves

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Thanks to the enthusiastic example and coaching of my friend from work, Chach, whom I first met when she shared her paints with me and others at a Yes by Yes Yes (later Yes & Yes Yes) un-conference retreat in Palm Springs, I have migrated my clunky old spreadsheet into a nifty Airtable and it has made keeping track of recordings and postings way easier, which will enable me to fill in some gaps, such as:

  • music videos I posted to Youtube but not Facebook, or vice versa
  • performances solid enough that I want to post the audio portion to my Soundcloud
  • and perhaps most relevant here, catching up my catalog here on my own personal blogge

Mildly related also is that I am now writing my own songs, and the li’l database is happy to keep track of that distinction for me, too.

my music database
my music database