Let’s pour one out

What a long, strange year it’s been, recording one song a month for twelve months running for my record, Layers of Meta. We started with a song I had just started writing, “The Long Haired Kings,” last February. That day in the studio was just my producer and friend, David Gans; our engineer and co-producer, Jeremy Goody: and myself. I sang and played my electric uke and David added a beautiful guitar solo. It was wicked fun.

Fast forward to now and the last song we just got in the can at Jeremy’s studio (Megasonic) is, “Some Other Time.” It’s again the most recent tune I’ve been working on and one that had just started to really take shape. This time we recorded it live with Robert Wade on guitar, Dan Brodnitz on keyboard, Bill Cassel on bass, and myself on lead vocal. The band also added backing vocals.

So now I’ve got rough mixes of basic tracks for twelve songs. I had nine when we started (I was thinking of ten songs with one being a cover), then kept writing new songs over the last year, the first and most recent just mentioned as well as possibly my favorite of the whole batch (“The Ghost Door”).

More work to come putting it all together, but I’m excited to have reached this critical milestone with the help of this awesome crew!