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  • Super friends

    Super friends

    Between recording sessions and working for the state, I’ve been planning a redux of the one-day remote Design in Product conference and just posted a video over on Linky-Din promoting it.

  • Some other version

    Some other version

    OK, got a new version of this new song ready to share:

  • Some of the time…

    Some of the time…

    I’ve got two recording sessions coming up by the end of the month on the album project, and another at the end of July, so that’s moving as fast as it can, but “can’t stop won’t stop” when it comes to the wooosh of songwriting, so after Ghost Door has come an interesting melody that…

  • In the public sector, what’s the product?

    In the public sector, what’s the product?

    UX Lisbon has now put up online their video of my closing talk from last year’s conference. I listened to it again this morning and I think it holds up and still captures how I feel about the work I am doing. I will be giving an updated and vastly briefer version of this talk…

  • Wish Y’all Were Here

    Wish Y’all Were Here

    So, so you think you can tell…

  • Down to the Mountain (Please Set Me Free)

    Down to the Mountain (Please Set Me Free)

    Seems like the chorus has a mind of its own and has settled out into something like: Let me beSet me freeLet me be me, oh please, pleasePlease, set me free though we’ll see what happens once the Kincaid get their greasy mitts on it.