i'm melting

incredible heat and not enough time to do all the things that need to be done. got my fixer ticket signed by one of two oakland motorcycle cops busy rousting a somnolent bearded derilect folded up at the base of a lamppost near the big grand “theft” auto on park boulevard and 18th. now, i still need to bring (or mail) the damn thing into alameda county court in berkeley by the 4th, along with some unspecified fee. all because a bulb burned out before it’s time in the right rear bumper of mr. bean. actually, it just passed 24,000 miles and i’m due for my next “cronos care” visit.

working in the office all weekend getting some eMatter (think small eBook) packaged for mightywords. when deadlines approach, i become very inventive with the hardware and software failures i coax along as they blossom. the heat doesn’t help. i guess i’m frazzled, been working too hard, and i never do well when it’s unseasonably roasting. locked b in the backyard this morning and had to make an extra trip home to let her back in. still, being trapped in the garden she’s cultivated (an iris bloomed today) with fraidy the sleepy visitor cat and a small amount of shade wasn’t the worst exile possible. still, she can’t seem to resist tasks that require great exertion (in this case transplanting some oaks the squirrels have nursed for us – looks like a pine is coming up in one of the pots), even as she complains constantly about never getting enough exercise.

speaking of which, i need a regimen of some kind and i mean that in the sense that i need it, not that i someone told me it’s a good idea. my body is telling me this (i only learned to speak “body” in the last few years).