epiphanies on the cheap

sitting here still with a stiff neck that just won’t go away. got home and went to the backyard to chill. cat came by and we communed for a while. i finally let her sit on my lap some. kept thinking b was home but it was other car doors closing up and down the block. the garden is in an amazing state of fecundity at the moment. the banksia rose bush/canes are overflowing in orgasmic bliss. one amazing shot only a handful of micrometers wide: a tiny yellow rose blossom already died on the vine and dried in the recent heatwave, next to a candelabra of five to eight buds just about to push themselves out and bloom, probably tomorrow. life and death on the same branch of the same plant, where elsewise there are thick bushels of roses all budding in an communal extended family, and only children equally happy with their own patches of sun.

it’s cooled off today, finally, but i still quaffed a beer in short order. not to cool off but to dumb down. fares to new orleans just dropped, at least on delta, so it looks like we saved about four hundred bucks by waiting. now we got to make our reservations at the plantation/b&b in mississippi we’ve had our eye on for the few days between jazzfest weekends.