key in lock

Key in lock, baby. Key in lock. Keystonery afoot. Cornerstonehengeosity. “A child could do it! A child could do it!” A little of this, a little of that. Snail trails have direction. Follow your nose. Body Language 201: Conversation. Stop trying to make sense when it falls off the log. “A delay makes its own gravy.” I can’t be the only one who digs getting lost. Familiar landmarks trigger autopilot. I know this one. It ain’t never gonna end. Hup one, hut two. Strike!

Shake it off like the remnants of a dream down the drain faster than hair let go from the scalp. Let the troll under the bridge have a go at it. He’s good at these word games. You’d know that if you ever had him to tea. (Without closing the blinds first.) Agamemnon knew what I’m talking about. Aga Khan. Elian: I lean, alien!