excuses, excuses

learning at a furious pace how to build and manage large-scale web sites and researching content-management systems so i can streamline the whole publishing aspect of the web and make it easier to wail. at first, the mere existence of the net and the *relative* ease of posting to the web (even via telnet and ftp) compared with other forms of publishing was enough to elicit reams and reams of words and phrases and sentences and paragraphs from me on a regular basis. but it didn’t stay easy enough or get easier fast enough, somehow, and now the slightest nuisance deters me from putting it out there.

meanwhile the backlog grows.

watch over the next few months as i systematically remove obstructions – methodological, systematic, and mental – and then no amount of complaining about how much work i have to do and how many demands i and everybody else are putting on me will stem the flow.


i just figured out i can afford a digital camera.