road narrows

driving up 14th street to work this morning, i saw men at work in the road, using one of those tools that digs up asphalt (a back hoe?), painted a dull yellow with those corrugated teeth on the digging part and swooping neck making it look like some sort of dinobirdanimal, and at once i felt that boyish delight in things both powerful and colorful. it also explained the sound i’d heard at time from my office window, almost like a helicopter, with a basic shuddering drone and then the pterodactyl screams of the teeth biting tarmac.

a temp is doing my filing even as we speak. it’s a luxury i can finally afford (or rather, can’t afford to do myself anymore) and she seems like a really nice person, but it does feel sort of funny not to be able to scratch my ass if i want to.

had a great time at my agency‘s annual conference in san diego. i just got back but am still digesting all the industry news and gossip i heard and all the personal contacts and leads i made.