bulldog breathing

greg morocco bulldog breath severance dropped me note sometime between yesterday and today to let me know he’s diarylanding too (morocco.diaryland.com). Nice to have the company. I tried using the blogger tool that syrup‘s been having a ball with lately but I think the tight security at ezone’s host defeated its attempt to ftp the stuff over.

soon, i hope to start collocating (sp?) my own little linux box (in new york, of all places) and even in the meantime i plan to move my old homesteadpage to its own domain, xianlandia.com.

blah blah blah. this all sounds much more boring than it is to me, having gestated these approaches and solutions and nomenclatures for eons of internet years.

need to take some photos so i can renew my passport by mail. off to a conference in san diego tomorrow so i can’t send my old passport in yet if i want to stroll over to tijuana with a writer friend old buddy from editing days at sybex.

life is grand.