sunday at nobayview

funny how everyone i talk to found topsy-turvy too slow or boring or with too much of the mikado in it. perhaps it was just the meticulously recreated world of the props and costumes, but i was enchanted by the film. then again, i grew up with the pinafore and penzance and the mikado on my dad’s stereo nearly as much as beethoven, mozart, and sinatra.

just caught up with an old friend and had a great time comparing notes on the world, technology today, adulthood, and talking in silly voices.

locked out of enterzone for security reasons, i was mildly frustrated this morning, but i’m getting it sorted out now (my generous host updating his list of permissible IP numbers) and still looking forward to sprucing up the old place. got a big backlog of yummy stuff and had a great conversation with a friend in s.f. who’d be embarassed if i called her my design guru to her face, but it’s true. thinking now i’d like to brush up on server-side includes to make the navigation a little smarter, easier, and more elegant. a form’s based posting system like they use here at diaryland (which i persist in thinking of as dairyland) and at pitas would sure be copacetic.

file under sounds just as good on cd as it did live: phil lesh, steve kimock, al schnier, mike kang, kyle hollingsworth, and john molo at the greek last summer playing footprints. it rocks. as kimock said later, “it got up and did the boogaloo.”