lazy long weekend

spent the whole morning in bed, lounging, lazing, and reading to b. it started raining outside and the wind is still whipping tree branches against the windows of our house, as it’s been doing for the last few days. ever since monday i’ve been experiencing the bearable lightness of being, and i’ve been almost manic with spontaneous joy and enthusiasm.

b and i played hooky yesterday, saw a matinee of the cider house rules, and took it easy until our weekly yoga class at 5:45. yoga took some of that new energy of mine and gave it an appropriate outlet. after the final resting posture, shavasna, for nearly 15 minutes, i felt peaceful and relaxed, in a natural endorphic afterglow.

today i’m going to tackle some of the Enterzone backlog, and then we’re seeing another movie, topsy-turvy, at 5 before eating a late dinner out. life without nagging guilt and glimmers of responsibilities unfulfilled will take some getting used to, but i’m game for it!