the shoe fits!

new shoes! new shoes! my feets are so happy and snug. i guess i swear by ecco. my feet are size 44 in their system, though i could wear a 43 on the right foot, which is a tad shorter. both feet seem to keep getting bigger (flattening out under my weight? loading up on fluids?), now between 91/2 and 10. My poor old Ecco Walkers are about ready for some dog. I’ve been wearing them nearly every day, day in day out, for at least the last three years! In fact, one of the pairs of new shoes I bought was the exact same shoes, I love them so much. The woman at the store told me Ecco is discontinuing them. It’s their original model! I almost bought a spare pair for three years from now. I got another pair of Ecco shoes for dressier occasions (black, pointy, shiny), although I think they look great with blue jeans.