50 most loathsome

The Buffalo Beast names the 50 most loathsome people in America, 2002. Pretty over-the-top (fairly vulgar too), but funny and much of it is hard to argue with.
A sampling:

Misdeeds:   Without question one of the most smarmy, vile, hypocritical talking heads on television. Has the uncanny ability to vilify and generalize those who disagree with him, and then state that he’s not a partisan person. Exploits his devout Catholicism and patriotism to the point that it makes you think he’s selling something—like his book, whose cover features his giant head in front of one of the glossiest, waviest American flags ever. Much of his wrath can probably be traced to his displeasure that Reagan still can’t remember his name although he’s met him many times.
Aggravating Factor:   Since 9/11, pretends to be genuinely convinced that anyone who disagrees with the Bush administration does not want America to be safe.
Aesthetic:   Repressed kid from Long Island who got to college, was scared of sex, discovered other repressed white kids in conservative student group, joined them, devoted rest of life to blasting people who didn’t.

Misdeeds:   Expecting people to care about his shitty childhood because he is white. Dissing his mama. Lifting weights after he got famous. Is the official voice of white teenage suburban boys. Has already worn out his shock value to the extent that his next album will have to include slurs against parapalegics and land-mine victims just to raise eyebrows.
Aggravating Factor:   For someone who sells millions of records partly due to making fun of other people, has no sense of humor about himself.
Aesthetic:   Trailer-trash cracker with just a hint of Down’s Syndrome.

(I never said it was PC!)