Administrivia equivalent of getting new drapes

I’m going to take the non-blog-focused categories and put them in new clothes, gradually moving their branding away from RFB’s revolutionary vigor toward more appropriate looks and feels.
Salonika should look like a Salon blog (and when I get the upstreaming syntax figured out, it should live at, but that’s another matter.
Fireweaver will get a red stock theme for now, as I work on integrating it with the site. (I could just merge it onto the page but I want to try an RSS Monkey experiment to feed it in there.)
Knowhow is part of RFB, but should maybe have some more corporate, subdued, cobranded look. I will explore this in my abundant free time, currently leaving it looking like RFB.
Memewatch needs an entirely new work, but that whole project is in disarray, so I will park it in one of the “inspired by Mena Trott” Radio themes.
Metablog is cool for now, but eventually needs a good directory front end, as the main RFB archive.
Outspoken needs some very subded design, again possibly one of the CSS themes.
Radioactive, the Radio-specific RFB channel will keep the basic RFB design. When there are others like it, they may all get some kind of cobranding. Here, the path of least resistance is no change.
Syllabus likewise needs no change
x-pollen, the channel that aggregates all my RSS feeds (besides RFB) needs a design more in harmony with my personal X-POLLEN blog. For now, again, a CSS design will get me partway there.