Let's make a Salon Blogs community

I’d would like to invite all Salon bloggers into my … uh… Salon, here, this RFB channel called “salonika.” Like the ancient greeks and decadent medieval university students, and cultured hostesses, let us drink together and contemplate the finer things in a free flowing exchange of ideas.
Specifically, I invite anyone at Salon blogs who wants to create a new category (which I can help you do if you’d like), which you don’t have to render as HTML at your site unless you want to, and give it a Salon related name (call it blogsalon or salonika or whatever), and tell me about it.
I will subscribe to your feed in my aggregator.
Then, whenever you post something about Salon blogs, or about Salon, or about anything that you think other Salon bloggers might be interested in, check your salon category.
I will post it here.
If you have an existing category for this purpose, just tell me what it is! If you don’t want your posts incorporated on this salonika channel, just don’t tell me about them! It’s that easy.
This is another experiment, but based on the recent comment threads, it’s clear to me that no one is going to make a community for us. We have to do it ourselves. Duh.