Are the sweepstakes closed?

The Reverse Cowgirl was looking for a name for her blog’s upcoming TV show. She may have settled on Oh, Susannah! If the contest is still open, I have a new idea. How about Frighten the Horses?
(Anyway, I like it better than my first suggestion, Ye Olde Pervert’s Almanack.)
For what it’s worth, and I know the Kowgirl likes to go along with the gag, but I don’t think RCB is a pornblog, although pr0n is definitely one of the topics. A sex blog maybe, with a touch of news of the weird. Kind of a boingboing for that fraction of the population fascinated by sex (insert your percentage here), a BoneBone or SchwingSchwing or something like that.
Bloggers who snark, “Maybe I should write about sex to get more hits” don’t realize that you have to write about whatever looms large in your own consciousness, and then if it happens to map up with the priorities of a lot of other minds, you get the hits. It’s not just about inn-u-end-o.