back from albuquerque

yup, the internet connection bit. could barely keep connected, let alone multitask. probably just as well. it was great (or should i say ‘grate’?) to get together with a bunch of other academics, scholars, and thinkers and present papers and panels on the Dead, the Acid Tests, psychedelia and psychedelics, and so on. Heard some great papers about memory, tourism, and the concept of home as well. Missed a notable Kerouac paper. There were bikers in attendance for the motorcycle sequence. Since it’s a Southwest/Texas conference (next year in Tucson), i say we Deadheads should be cross-pollinating with the Cowboy sequences, and maybe some Day of the Dead themed panels in the future. We brought out some locals, some undergrads, and some interested non-academic “crashers.” Of course, I feel like one myself, writing papers for no career-related purpose.