off to albuquerque

not sure what kind of connection i’ll have in new mexico, but by 4 pm today i’ll be yakking about an album that came out 34 years ago to whichever earlybird stragglers make it to the first panel of the sequence. just printed my transparencies at kinko’s late yesterday. they’ve got the web interface down solid, even if the clerks are still a little confused.
i had paid on the web $2/transparency = $14 total, but when i got to the physical place they at first asked me for $2.69 – or something like that – per transparency plus an extra $1 something x 7 because they had accidentally printed color prints on paper as well. oh, and they asked for a 10% web surcharge. then they figured it out. guess they’re not telling the human employees that the web interface is offered at a discount.