Best new Salon blog name: Naked Emperor

RadioExpress! and my back button (checking a quote), just ate my post… rewriting it now… {Here’s a Radio wish! Could someone make a version of Radio Express that pops up in its own window, like every other bookmarklet on the planet?}…
Face it, naming your blog is the old band-name game writ large. There are so many more good band names than there are good bands. I could update that observation and maybe call it xian’s law: "There are more good blog names than there are good blogs."
But names are important. I won’t belabor that. The Maturin character in one of Patrick O’Brian’s books says at one point that one of the oldest superstitions is “naming calls.”
As a title, “Naked Emperor” (most recently seen tangling with pundiblogocrat N.Z. Bear) gets right to the point. It has the perfect tagline as well: Exposing the Obvious.