Blogger site design contest

Just as Blogger turned to its userbase to supply alternative templates for Blogger blogs, they are now once again running a contest, this time for their upcoming site upgrade.
In fact, from the document’s title bar (“Blogger – Template Contest”), I’d say they used the old contest page as a template.
Why do Blogger’s design work for free? Their answer:

If your design is chosen (and all you need to do is create a treatment or two, not go through a million revisions and code it—unless you want to), you’ll get our eternal graditude…oh, and some stuff that’s actually worth something: For one thing, you’ll get credit on the site for as long as we use your design. That’s to an audience of upwards of 150,000 unique visitors a day. Plus, some other prizes (we’re still assembling the package…but don’t let that hold you up).

I’m kinda interested in the site map and creative brief they offer to show participants, but it looks like the application is off-line just now.