Blogs Giveth and Blogs Taketh Away?

Ray Ozzie writes about e-mail and blogging taking away when other technologies give back. I recognize the compulsive “system monitor” personality he talks about and so I hope I can look forward to someday hacking my flow as effectively as he describes it.
It’s fascinating to read how he’s watched his children adopt IM and not email as their basic mode of online communication. I noticed this generation gap a few years ago but I’m not in a position to make these systems evolve, at least not directly, not the way Ozzie is.
I also like the way he’s using Radio’s Stories feature for his essays, and I think he deserves some more coherent feedback in that format. A challenge!
In another context, ThatAdamGuy asked me how I find the time to write in numerous different blogs, and this roused a long answer out of me. Hey, look, now I’m using stories too.