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  • Disclosing blog sponsors

    Now that Marc Canter is spearheading a kind of transparent blog-payola system for compensating bloggers, the issue of full disclosure of one’s sponsors and or influences seems all the more important. For example, here is the disclosure about the ZeroDegrees sponsorship of the new Operating Manual for Social Tools weblog: About The Project: ZeroDegrees has […]

  • Diego Doval's introduction to weblogs

    Diego Doval has come up with one of the better (succinct, insightful) primers on weblogging and syndication in his d2r: an introduction to weblogs in two parts (so far). They’re canonical!

  • Where are the bloggers over 50?

    Janet of out of my mind asks, “Where are the blogs by persons over 50?” In reply, I’d suggest checking out the ageless project. Currently, the first 23 people listed give birthdays over 50 years before today. Janet, if you read this, one that jumps out from the list is wood s lot, born only […]

  • Weblog strategies for nonprofits

    One of the students in my weblogs class at Seybold last month was the web administrator of the Community Technology Foundation of California ( They use a sophisticated CMS to maintain the site but are experimenting with weblogs and wanted to see whether they might be more easily customizable, because – we agreed – different […]

  • Robb's Law

    NEVER (under any circumstances) publish a weblog to a domain that you don’t control. – John Robb I hereby christen the above quotation Robb’s Law or Robb’s Law of Weblog Hosting in full. I suppose it could be broadeneed to web publishing in general. I certainly think owning your own domains and when possible running […]

  • metageneric antiblog spot

    Heading making clever pun on ‘blog’: i’m a journalist. see my daring posture vis-a-vis blogs: they are too influential to too small a group of people. popular bloggers are bad and the taste of the blogosphere is incorrect or corrupted. google is making things worse. it’s giving me opinions when i expect primary sources. me […]