Choosing a Blogging Package for J-School Students

Scot Hacker has posted to his O’ReillyNET blog about his process for choosing a blog tool for U.C. Berkeley’s Journalism School’s upcoming Intellectual Property Weblog course:

Our criteria for blogging software for the class were:

  • Must allow multiple authors (this is to be a team/group blog)
  • Should be low cost or free, ideally open source
  • We want to host it ourselves rather than using 3rd party servers
  • Ideally searchable
  • Should have some kind of CMS (Allow posting of drafts, which other editors approve)
  • Commentable
  • Searchable
  • Easy posting from Macs (bookmarklets, hotkey for hyperlinks within a web form)
  • RSS syndication and, ideally, aggregation

Scot’s analysis is interesting, although I think he’s mistaken about bookmarklets. I have no problem using Blogger’s bookmarklets in IE/Mac, and RadioExpress! works fine on the Mac too, although it doesn’t pick up raw HTML.