Blog-Tool Comparison

CNet’s Blog Populi article from April, 2002, sports another of these feature-comparison charts (a less thorough overview than elsewhere, but easier to read. They ruled out covering MovableType (which I’ll be comparing to Radio next week) citing the difficulty of installation for non-technical folk and the fact that it requires a host who will permit you to run your own CGI scripts.
They compare Blogger/Blogger Pro, Radio Userland, LiveJournal, and Diaryland, and they opt for recommending Blogger (although they blur the benefits of the two versions of the program, touting the free nature but also the features of the Pro version, including current vaporware, such as RSS feeds; also, btw, the email-to-blog interface of Pro is either exceedingly slow or nonfunctional).
They mention that they prefer the design templates available for Blogger to those for Radio. This is a matter of taste, surely. There are also numerous comments appended to each product discussion, some of which are edifying.