Salon Blogs Logo (Unofficial)

Playing around with my site design today, I modified the Salon logo from the default Salon Blogs banner so that it looks like this:

Salon Blogs

If you feel like using it, drag this graphic into your www/images/ folder (or right-click on it—click and hold with a Mac—and save it to that folder). You’ll then need to replace any references in your Home (and possibly Main) template to "salonlogo.gif" with "salonblogo.gif".
I’ve got it set up as an image map so that if you click on the “S” you go to the Salon homepage and if you click on the SalonBlogs part you go to the Rankings page for Salon Blogs. To do so, I’m using this code:
<img src="blog_root_url/images/salonblogo.gif"
width="184" height="48 border="1"
<map name="Map">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,49,48"
href="" alt="go to salon">
<area shape="rect" coords="50,0,184,48"
alt="go to salon blogs">

Replace blog_root_url with your Salon Blog address (
Erm, the code is botched. It comes out with extra semicolons at line ends, and I can’t seem to turn off Radio’s desire to turn anything that looks like a URL into a live link. Feel free to steal the code from the source of this page if interested….