Design and Style

When I visit other bloghosts, I notice that a lot of the pages have small graphical buttons, usually in the shape of a small post-it note, with the “logo” of the originating page on them. These are cute. At first. Then they get annoying.

One thing about Salonblogs is that, being RadioUserland powered, most of the pages have a somewhat similar format, regardless of which starting theme we picked before customization. Generally, it’s text on the left, navigation on the right. In a sense, this is an aspect of community blogging that should be pondered for awhile.

My inclination will always lean toward artistic freedom, yet at the same time, there’s something to be said for a community of pages like Damn Hell Ass Kings or Hissy Fits in which as you go through the associated pages you sense that you’re in a cohesive space. For the time being, anyway, salonblogs has a more “adult” feeling than the Fresh Funky Teen sites I’ve seen, but there’s a strong movement going on here to load up your page with Zip Code finders, “what’s my mood?” indicators, and the like, so we’re seeing design pressure from outside. Anything here to discuss or will simple evolutionary processes sort it all out regardless? [The Raven]