Marcus O'Riley strikes again

[Getting a little behind in Salon Blogs posts from Fried Green al-Qaeda, so forgive this quick catchup. Also, still trying to figure out an easy way to deal with formatting incompatabilities. More on that later in a separate post. –ed.]

Blog Quality Tour for You *special KYA top 10 edition.  –  Marcus

Good god, am I
wasted, and good god am I ready to call it a night.

Mister Hoback
(that bastard) told me to post something yet later tonight (and he stomped on
me diskette last night, though he’s loath to admit it now), and behind
the hind of me own good teeth, I shall curse his mortal soul until  Hell
does freeze.

May the graceful
jaw of Hera bite their fine white asses.

Here’s the
tops of the pops. As it fucking were.

  1. Reverse
    l, featuring ‘climb
    into my asshole, won’t you?’

  2. Scott
    Rosenberg. He doesn’t really show up for work much, does he? Manages
    to type ‘I’m sick again’ once or twice a week, and gets two
    thousand hits.
  1. Julie/Julia.
    Chick cooking column. Nothing really bad to say about it.
  1. filchyboy.
    I still can’t read this shit.

  2. Pornographer
    actually take time away from ‘Mothers
    I’d Like To Fuck’ to publish this praise – Kiss Kiss –
    of top ranking cowgirl: ‘
    Reverse Cowgirl’s Blog is vastly superior to my sparse, self-serving entries
    here, “generally entertaining” as they may be. You go PP,
    hitch your wagon to a star. And you bet she’s better than you.

  3. Andrew
    Bayer etc. etc.
    is number 6 and has been cranking
    like a motherfucker the past few days. I dunno, he writes so much, I think
    he might want to apply somewhere for a typist job.

  4. Secular
    . Finally something I can get behind
    – Argh Argh -although the Jan dude writes near as much as Andrew. At
    least he has the cheek to call the pope a F*ing *ueer if he feels like it.
    Not that I agree. And not that he would.
  1. Oh, I’m
    illin’, and with a billion runtime errors as well. It’s f’ing
    filchyboy again, and this time he’s with his daughter and it’s so
    cute and this time I will not give him a f’ing link.
  1. Okay, now
    . He’s okay. Maybe I have a few business
    deals pending. None of your f*ing business>
  1.  FarrFeed?
    Who the hell reads this? I’ve tried, Lord knows, and it just doesn’t
    work. Special disturbing feature – a Java applette show Mister Feed’s
    mug over and over again..

then, Goodnight from Marcus, your guide to Salon Quality.

[Mark Hoback]