Dog Days Come Early

A combination of work de-stress and hot tropical weather has reduced my tendency (temporarily) to post here in this blog. Today we put the screens on the windows and soon I’ll be setting up our two-fan system (one at the bottom of the stairs to bring relatively cool air up from the basement, another near the dead-air spot just past the kitchen to keep the air circulating).
Handed in the part openers on Tuesday and the introduction, acknowledgments, and dedication (collectively known as the frontmatter) yesterday. Today I have some second-round author review to do, usually very minor, and I need to finish the color insert section. I checked out the “real” (aside from the title) cover of the book at Amazon and was pleased to see it’s much cooler than the dummy cover they were using before (and that I thought I was stuck with). This reminds me that I have to set up an affiliate account for the book’s website. I wonder if has affiliates?