downward facing dog

made a rare resolution near the end of last year to “try to do yoga – or some other form of exercise – every day in the upcoming year.” of course i caught a cold on 1/3 but i had that try thing in there so it didn’t kill the mood. mostly i get up early and do some yoga in the morning. it helps me cope and makes me happier. but i’ve been needing to do the winding-down thing lately.
b had an evening meeting in mountain view, so after seeing her off with money, coffee, and a map, i put on my evening yoga cassette, featuring the sonorous voice of my old yoga teacher, robert gray, and… i forgot how different it is at the end of the day. it was obvious how much my body needed this, every bit as much as the tightening/slacking oppositions present in every post i mean pose.
now i’m trying to cook some potatoes and pasta with pesto and sage, and oil and butter. how hard could that be?