Electronic Literature Directory Again Open to New Listings

The ELO’s Electronic Literature Directory is now once more allowing authors to
log in and update their listings:

If you’re not yet listed in the Directory but should be, please request a listing and an account. In the past we’ve been very slow to respond to requests for accounts, but we now have a staff, so all requests will get a swift response. Basically, any work that uses multimedia, interaction, real-time text generation, or reader collaboration will be included in the Directory.

We have nearly 1,000 works listed in the Directory and we hope eventually to make it comprehensive and completely up to date. We can’t do this without help from authors, though, so I hope you will all contribute by logging in and updating the information we have about you and your work.

There are still some problems with the version of the Directory that is currently live — most notably, not all the data in the records is currently displayed in the browsable listings. These problems have been fixed in the new version of the Directory that we are currently beta-testing and hope to launch next month.

[Robert Kendall]

Robert Kendall is a force in the online electronic and hypertext literature community. See also Word Circuits (Hypertext/Cybertext Poetry and Fiction), Electronic Literature Directory, and On-Line Class in Hypertext Poetry and Fiction (The New School).

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