Falling behind the pace of events

In the last week I’ve been spending most of my energy on my work project and the rest mainly on trying to have a life. In the meantime, I’ve seen all kinds of juicy blog-related topics come and go without my taking the opportunity to comment on them. This isn’t really a problem for anyone but me, as I try to figure out the scope of beat here.
Also, I’ve been experimenting with aggregating Salon-blogs-related posts from other Salon bloggers in my salonika category. This is an interesting experiment. Some issues coming up so far are that the WYSIWYG formatting makes HTML that looks like hell. I can’t decide whether to try to clean it up and impose a consistent style or just go with the path of least resistance.
It’s an interesting question when you open up your own space to other contributors: how much control do you want to exert over the contributions? One thing I’m considering is mostly just posting pointers to the originator’s entry. This has the advantage of spreading the traffic around, as I’m not interested in trying to boost my numbers through this community effort. The disadvantage is that it requires that the originator be rendering their Salon blogs category so there’s something to point to. I’ll need to keep thinking about this.
I’d use my multiauthor weblog tool, but I’m already using it to gather all my x-syndicate feeds into one location. As far as I can tell, without hacking into the scripts there’s no way to direct certain news feeds to one category and other news feeds to a different one. I’d be happy to be corrected on this if I’m wrong!
Anyway, as a matter of catching up, once I reach a milestone today on my project, I’ll try posting a bunch of no-headline brief link entries just to round up some of the various interesting blog-related news I’ve noticed in the last week or so.