Five years ago today

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Five years ago today, on my 33rd birthday, I started my first online journal, breathing room. It wasn’t a blog in the sense we mean today, as it was more of a writer’s journal, a daily writing practice, a place for unvarnished honesty and fleeting thoughts. But to me the transition from journal to blog was gradual, so I see the whole thing as a continuum.
Here’s an excerpt from my first entry:

33 today, I thought of naming this journal "outliving christ," but that doesn’t feel right. the nice thing about this kind of project is that even if it does one day build an audience (and the public nature of this journal is a fulcrum to promote honesty and self-revelation), there’s sure to be just about no one reading it at first, besides a few well-wishing friends I’ve tipped off in advance, which gives me a little breathing room, a little.