International Salon blogs

After I posted about blog regionalism, several commenters pointed out the international blogs right under my nose here at Salon, some of whom of course I’ve already been reading (linking to me is a sure way of getting my attention):

The Devil’s excrement (on Salon) posts from Venezuela. That’s a start.

Tom Fox [] • 9/17/02; 2:39:47 PM

Tom modestly doesn’t mention he posts from Paris. I’m posting from Ireland. And, of course, the Admirably Polylinguistic Michel Vuijlsteke’s Weblog gives us that Dutch feel. We’ll never get to meet Scott Rosenberg in the flesh, but who knows— Salon might start using us as foreign correspondents.

Simon McGarr [smcgarr@(at)] • 9/17/02; 5:11:30 PM