Jeanty at Jack's

Thursday night we took a friend out for a belated birthday dinner at Jeanty at Jack’s in SF. Had a very rich, meat-filled dinner, after starting off with a martini and a sancerre (sp?). We shared three appetizers: lamb tongue with potato salad, veal marrow with frisee, and fried pork belly (um) also in a salad. B then had the veal osso bucco, D had the daube (a kind of beef stew), while I had the cassoulet with duck drumstick, fennel sausage, and bacon. We had a nice “big” French red with dinner, I forget the details, and shared some kind of cake, I think, for desert. What an indulgence!
Been decompressing from the work overload and looking at all the messes around me, unpaid bills, and so on. The Sunday paper’s book review always depresses me, stirring up an inner taunt about what I haven’t achieved, literarily, thus far.