More on WebRadio Fees (courtesy

More on WebRadio Fees

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From today’s MacInTouch:
>Wired News covers the new webcasting fees just finalized by the U.S. Copyright Office:
>”The new rates, issued by Librarian of Congress James Billington, require webcasters to pay record labels .07 cents each time a song is streamed live and .02 cents for archived or simulcasted streams. Temporary copies, such as ripped copies of CDs that are used to create the digital streams, will cost companies 8.8 percent of their entire royalty fee. […]
> Now that the royalty fee has been set, webcasters have 45 days to pony up royalty payments for services that date back to 1998. Those who have been operating without a business plan or backup cash are in for sticker shock.
> Anticipating the worst back in February, Live365 — the largest Internet broadcaster according to Arbitron with 8.4 million broadcast hours per month — put together a plan to pay its $1.5 million in past fees along with a monthly charge of $200,000, said executive vice president John Jeffery.”