Journalism is harder work than blogging

A week has passed since the J-school panel and I’ve just now completed my subjective transcript of the panel (in two parts).
[Note: At the moment Radio is unable to upstream my story files for some reason so the above links aren’t working. I’ll remove this notice when they do work and post another update.]
I do not intend this to be my “article” on the panel, per se, but more like a running summary and commentary on the proceedings, mostly for my own use in writing an actual, final article, but also for anyone else who wants to compare with their own notes, memory, or the streaming video that I’ve thus far been unable to play.
It’s rather long (as was the panel) and dense with information, so I don’t think it necessarily represents the best way of learning about the panel. If I did think so I wouldn’t bother trying to write anything else about it. As it is, I do think a pithier summary deserves to be written, so I will continue plugging away.
I broke the transcript into two parts because it was straining the size limits of the text box forms I work with to upload these entries and stories. The stories pages still have the old design with the garish non-scrolling backdrop. If this presents enough of an impediment to any reader that they become inspired to write to me and complain about it, I’ll probably go tweak the default template that the stories use to remove it.