Link from Worth 1000 Hits a Day

Don’t feel bad, Salon Blog writers, when you look at the rankings and see Scott’s traffic dwarfing that of the rest of us. I just took a look at his referrer log for the first time and a quick count showed over 1000 of the hits coming directly from and its variants.
Another blogger, not being as recognizable a name to Salon readers, would surely gain fewer hits from a direct page link, but a little of that flow, perhaps on a rotating basis, to the other bloggers here would probably be appreciated.
Or Scott could extend his current editorial judgement when applied to linking to Salon blogs in his blog and perhaps nominate a blog or two for a homepage link.
I frankly think RFB is a little too inside baseball for Salon’s mainstream readers, but there are some really good blogs, much less meta-recursive-infinite-regressive here that I think would benefit from a larger share of the curious Salon readership.
I wonder if Salon will ever give any of its paying bloggers a direct link from the Salon home page.
That word frankly back there still brings to mind Newt Gingrich saying it.