Looking Up Blogs at Eatonweb

Brig at Eatonweb posted to this comment thread about where and how to find philosophy blogs and she admitted to being a bit miffed both by my original post and by the fact that no one in the comment thread had suggested Eatonweb.
I did not mean to give offense. I was really just being lazy and instead of doing legwork, took the liberty of throwing the question out there like bread on waters to see what people would recommend.
I’ve now checked out various suggested sites, and done a Google search (which brought up a link to Eatonweb on its first page of results), and read numerous sites in the last day or so that either mention philosophy, have a philosophy category, or consider themselves in some way to be about philosophy.
When I’ve finished digesting my notes I’ll put up something about these sites and the process of looking for them and what different things people can mean by the word philosophy.