Monoglots Anonymous

Hello, my name is Christian and I’m monolingual. (“Hi, Christian!”) Yes, I did note Michel Vuijlsteke‘s rapid rise on the Salon charts in the last few days, saw that the language of his blog was Dutch (or Flemish?), and even discerned that a lot of his traffic (more than Scott’s these last few days) seemed to relate to Google searches for someone named Veronique de Cock.
Today he posted one entry in English:

I wonder what Radio Free Blogistan makes of me. Here I am on top of the Salon rankings by page-reads for the last couple of days, and they can’t make heads or tails of the entire blog.

Should I clue them in on why I suddenly shot to the top of the ratings? Would they actually care?

I saw the reverse cowgirl’s blog (deservedly) shooting past me when she got a mention on Radio Blogistan, and I still see pornographer’s picks (undeservedly) sitting up there at #4—I don’t know about the other Salon bloggers, but I’m getting totally anal about checking Salon’s rankings page as I see myself slowly but surely creeping up from 17th position to 12th position.

As I commented at Michel’s site, that English-language post is reason enough for me to link to him now, though I doubt my influence as a tastemaker.