More Sex Wars in the Blogosphere

Excuse the deliberately salacious title. Via (I love the way those pyrate-types make up their own extensions, data-freely), I picked up on a two-week old post about the balance of links among men and women, especially at the famous/influential end of the swimming pool:

The current state of affairs can be changed. The weight and power of the collective blogalaxy can cause a huge shift if it wants to. That’s how revolutions begin. Of the heavy hitters, I will look to Stephen Green for my link rundown, Doc Searls for my tech news, Jeff Jarvis as my media insider, Charles Johnson for my war information – but then I will spend the rest of my day reading everyone on my sidebar links and hopefully find even more new people with interesting things to say, and try to expose them too. That would be time better spent. Of course this merely the opinion of a woman who talks about bj’s, boob and butts.

That last comment reminds me of a game I played with two friends at High Sierra a few days ago, with a pen in my notebook. It was called “Boob, ball, or butt?” and the artist would add lines while the other two guessed, taking turns. A laff riot.
Butt seriously, I think it’s a mistake to view the blog-world as a pyramid or hierarchy. Look at it instead as a series of spheres, some big, some small, some overlapping, some not. Every part of an ecology is important to the whole. If you want fame, cool: go for fame, but that’s not all there is.
As for the question of female bloggers not getting linked from males or not getting their due or not making up as large a fraction of the demographic or etc., I’m not sure I have anything useful to add except to note that the blogosphere mirrors the world, or at least one microcosm of it.