Blogosphere Discusses Salon's Forbidden Thoughts

Here’s the first concrete dividend from Salon’s blog initiative: Scott Rosenberg’s massively credible blog could serve as a coequal (with Instapundit) staging place for the extensive blogotastic discussion of the Salon article on forbidden thoughts about 9/11 as Glenn’s.
The feedback loop provided proves to me that Salon has joined the blogosphere and is not cynically trying to coopt it.
Here’s a snippet of Scott’s response to reader comments:

Another comment suggests that I am supposedly out of touch with Blogland because I have not encountered Damian Perry’s blog before, and it has been “prominent on Instapundit’s list for a year.” It’s true, I have not religiously explored Instapundit’s blogroll. On the other hand, I was reading (and writing about) weblogs for many years before Instapundit existed, and before the whole phenomenon of “war bloggers” and those who rose to prominence around and after 9/11. I think Glenn Reynolds runs a great blog but, hey, I’m not going to spend all my blog-reading time among any one crowd. I like to read technically oriented blogs, media oriented blogs, personal blogs. I try to devote extra time to reading these here Salon Blogs because they’re written by people who have pitched their virtual tents on Salon’s ground. Life is too short to read everyone.