New (to me) blog tool: Nucleus CMS

Strangest of places department: Megan Morrone’s LJ blog talks about her move to Movable Type, and her comments there discuss this move as a trend, recapitulate the “it’s hard too install” meme (Megan’s last post is that she has MT up and running but hasn’t had time to customize the look and feel yet, so it’s still not public), move on to talking about her radio appearance and other fan matters.
In the midst of that, some de facto sales rep posts something derogatory about Movable Type and recomends Nucleus CMS instead.
Naturally, I checked out the website:

Nucleus allows you to easily maintain your own weblog(s) on your own server. It offers a system that is easy to install, but still offers maximum flexibility.

Looks like one more product I’ll have to learn and test as this market sorts itself out. Great shortcut: Would any current Nucleus CMS users care to explain its pros and cons?