Blogistan Namespace: Where's Slotman?

I am using namespace figuratively. I’ve noticed that the linktext for links to this site usually take one of several forms, roughly (unscientifically) in order of frequency:

  • Radio Free Blogistan
  • Blogistan
  • Radio-Free Blogistan
  • RFB
  • xian
  • Christian Crumlish

These are all fine with me, though no hyphen is needed. I realized that the best of these is probably Blogistan, as it’s short and to the point, if a bit presumptuous. I’m not the Sultan of Blogistan and even if I were (or the Khan, or whatever, I do imagine a sort of Khanate of Greater Blogistan out there), l’etat ce n’est-pas moi, right? (Pardon my French.)
Looking into referrer, I figured it was a google search in the personal-portal context, so I went to and searched for blogistan.
This site and its Blogger mirror show up as results 2 and 3. First is still Slotman’s Insolvent Republic of Blogistan, which he hasn’t updated since July 19, within a few days of my starting this blog. Spooky.