On the Agenda

I’m overdue in putting together a tutorial for the Screen Savers’ website for my appearance on the show Friday, hoping to finish that tonight.
I’ve been working with Dreamweaver to adapt my blog templates, preparing for my next tutorial. So far I’ve fiddled with the color scheme at uncle john’s blog. Both still need work. The colors are garish, some of the links are broken, and so on. But I’m getting more fluent in working with these templates and I’m pleased to be able to pull off the CSS layout. As promised, I will explain how I’m doing these things in this space, probably next week.
I’m also still working on the Radio vs. Movable Type comparison and will ideally have that posted here by tomorrow. We’ll see.
I also prepped those two Blogger-based blogs for a Voidstar-converted RSS feed by adding <span class=”rss:item”> … </span> around the Blogger-item macro tags. Unfortunately, this generates a title based on the first x letters of the the entry, not picking up the actual title, so it’s only a half measure, but at least now I can see both of them in my Radio RSS-feed aggregator.



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