Pingable Metablogs

With the standalone Track Back release it should be incrementally easier to build metablogs like the KMpings page for collecting (aggregating) posts on a specific topic or theme from multiple contributors. I should be doing this already with my cat meme sitings page (and memewatch in general: just thought of what the sideblog should be). I think this is going to get bigger as the implication sink in, as the applications sink in.
I think the real story here is not “everyone will blog” or “blogging is a hype.” To me it’s this next generation of tools that crawl and abstract the blogosphere, especially as the early-adopter biases filter out. These kinds of automated and clever metablogs and other abstractions of the blogosphere themselves aggregated, mulched and composted into some sort of metasphere eventually approaching a view into humanity’s collective cultural consciousness.
Well, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Still, it’s the fervid evolution at the edge that fascinates me,