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Toby’s Political Diary — ‘Let it Begin Here’ has turned out a lot of thought-provoking prose in its just over two weeks of existence. Here’s the description:

I am from Lexington, Massachusetts. I believe the “war on terror” is a threat to democracy both here and abroad. Over 200 years ago, John Parker, Captain of the 70 Lexington Minutemen facing 700 heavily armed British soldiers said “Stand your ground. Don’t fire until fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” Thus began the American revolution. The spirit of this web site is to support the ideals of justice, equality, liberty and the pursuit of happiness where they are under attack today.
     —Toby Sackton






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  1. Pramod Avatar

    That was 200 Years ago …. things have chabged a lot since then… and Captain John Parker was facing the enemy here we have an unseen enemy