Problem Upstreaming Changed Web Service File

When I created the subs.txt file in my Web Services folder and called the service via SOAP, I discovered that the service expected to find a tiny coffee mug graphic I didn’t have, and because the img tag had no width=’10’ height=’10’ attributes specified, the long alt text showed up, breaking my page design.
So, I grabbed a graphic from someone’s page and put it in my images folder, and then edited the reference in the subs.txt file to point to the correct file name and to include the width and height attributes.
But then Radio never seemed to upstream the changed file, no matter what I tried. I even ended up making a new file (feeds.txt) and changing the SOAP call to look for feeds but I made another typo, leaving in a reference to subs( ) at the beginning of the feeds.txt script, resulting in an error and another file I don’t know how to edit and then upstream in its fixed form.
So, I’m trying another method now, recommended by dws. I can’t brag about using web services but it seems more straightforward.