Blogging No Longer Cool

Elizabeth Spiers writes in her Capital Influx blog about the end of cool for bloggers, or the inherent uncoolness of blogging, or how cool it is to be uncool, or something like that:

The uncool result of the cross-linking is that something weird or interesting happens and you and fellow blogger look at each other at the same time and cry in delight, “ooh! blog post!” Trust me, it happens. Then you go and read your friend’s blog and snicker at the resulting post because of the earlier conversation. You send a snarky email to said friend, and probably end up linking to their post or doing some variation of it. You end up with these little micro-memes that get stretched across a handful of blogs and none of your online readers know what the big deal is with the stupid Ukrainian band.






One response to “Blogging No Longer Cool”

  1. jack e. jett Avatar

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