Radio Category Workflow

If I’ve written a post, entitled it, and entered a link, and at that point I decide to create a new category for it, I can click the (New) link next to “Categories:” and go ahead and create that category, but when I’m done I will not be returned to the post-box full of copy I’ve just entered. I can go Back in my browser and that copy will still be there, but the new category will not be available from that cached page. So my best option then is to copy and paste the text , or Post & Publish the article, and then immediately edit it to add the category.
Sure, if I could remember to make the new category in advance, I would do so, but I’m describing a situation where you don’t see the need for a new category until completing the entry.
What would be nice is if the new-category workflow returned you to the Home page with any copy from the form and the new category available.